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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), How Does It Work, And Why Is It So Important For Your Business? Guide a potential clients online search directly to your page

Search engine optimization can be a confusing topic, so let’s start with the basics. Every time you open up a search engine (think Google, FireFox, and Microsoft Edge among many others) and type in a phrase or a question, the search engine beings to gather data from the internet which meticulously fits the criteria of your search query. If you query “Orlando Motorcycle Mechanic”, the engine will begin to take each word, both individually and contextually to produce a search result. So essentially, search engines use very complex algorithms to search about 22 million web pages they have indexed and deliver you the “perfect” result to your search. Terms like “near me” and “cheapest” or “highest reviewed” are also very common terms we use with SEO to drive your website results organically.

The quality and accessibility of your website will impact SEO.

Sticking with our original example, I open google and search “Orlando Motorcycle Mechanic.” The top three search results (that aren’t ads) will most likely be a website that responds very well regardless of what device you are on. Meaning, if I am on a phone, tablet, or desktop – the website will respond and act the same regardless of the device.

If your website performs poorly on one or more of these devices, it will likely fall lower on the search results and not get as many clicks or drive business to your website. Today’s search engines use more than 215 factors to influence your website’s placement in the results. So once again, SEO is a very important factor in getting your website seen.

SEO doesn’t care about flashy websites.

It’s important to note that SEO doesn’t see websites as we do. The way it is designed, it literally searches through the code that constructs your website for tags, content, site speed, page url’s, image alt tags, internal linking, and more. This is probably the most important thing to understand about the differences between having a fancy website and having a responsive and well maintained website in terms of SEO. You can absolutely have both but many times people fail to see the overwhelming value of SEO, so they build out a bloated website and hope this will drive potential customers to their landing page. This is, in most instances, very backwards. Function > beauty.

How did you end up here?

Seriously, how? Odds are, you were googling website services and came across AIO branding and liked what you saw. So you clicked on our page and began investigating the services we offer. This led you to our FAQ section for a slightly more practical example of how SEO works. Scenario number two is, you googled “how does SEO work” and found us just a couple of websites down the first page. While we will not be issuing a technical definition of how SEO works in this FAQ, we do deliver the basics. With how AIO’s SEO is set up, that allows for us to be one of the page one results for our laymen’s explanation of how SEO works. Thus, you have the most practical explanation possible for how search engine optimization works. You are here, and that is most likely not by accident.

Local SEO & Competitor Research

What are your customers searching for? Who else offers the same services? We will provide all the answers for you and break them down into information you can easily understand.

Keyword Research and Analysis

We use Google Analytics to find the most relevant keywords for your business. Our SEO team will utilize this research to give you the best possible results.

Traffic Analysis & SEO Reporting

It's important to stay up to date with the ins and outs of your traffic flow and SEO effectiveness. We will provide you with regular reports to help keep you at the top of your game.

SEO Audits

We provide you with SEO audits to give you a snapshot of how your website is currently performing. Using this information and our SEO expertise, we can create a plan to improve your rankings and get you to the top of Google.

Optimizing Conversion

By optimizing your site we will increase the number of conversions for your site. That means more purchases, subscriptions, and clients for you.

Content Creation

Our team will help you create content optimized for both users and search engines. Whether it's blog posts, press releases, or articles, we can get the job done.

Mobile Optimized SEO

More and more users browse on mobiles, so it's essential to ensure your site can handle the task elegantly. All our sites are fully responsive, so no matter how your clients choose to browse, they'll always be happy with their experience.

Link Building

Great quality backlinks and inbound links are important to any great website. These tell search engines that your website is trustworthy, which will increase your organic SEO ranking.

Ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions.

SEO is essential to all businesses because it helps your potential customers find you easily online through search engines.

SEO that has been done well is vital because the better your site has been optimized, the more likely you will rank in higher and better positions than your competitors on search engines. This means your customers will be able to find you quickly and conveniently.

Keywords are words and phrases in your website’s content that your clients are searching for to find you. Using keyword research, we can discover the most relevant keywords and search phrases your potential clients are using.

Search engines rank you on authority, relevance, and trust when deciding on which page you belong. Building these three elements takes time because it relies on the quality and relevance of your content and links.

Gone are the days of stuffing your website with as many keywords and links as possible to rank quickly!

Search engines rank you on authority, relevance, and trust when deciding on which page you belong. Building these three elements takes time because it relies on the quality and relevance of your content and links.

Gone are the days of stuffing your website with as many keywords and links as possible to rank quickly!

Absolutely not! Our team is world renown for our quality and diligence. We work mostly remotely, which allows us to maximize productivity and effectiveness as a team!

We can track the efficiency of your SEO strategy by using Google Analytics and other tools to check your website’s traffic, Google ranking, and visibility. Although, an increase in conversion and engagement is also a sure fire way to know that your SEO is improving.


We have thrown around that term a couple of times now, so it’s important to note that organic search results are the exact opposite of what’s known as PPC (pay-per-click). Most of the time, when you query something in google, the first couple of pages are ads. These are paid for by businesses to be shown above all others. They are not driven by SEO or other organic means. If you’d like to learn more about PPC and how that could potentially benefit your business, please check our PPC FAQ.

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